Richard Nicoll Spring 2015 LFW
Richard Nicoll and Walt Disney don’t spring to mind as obvious bedfellows, but it was Disney sponsorship that put Tinker Bell at the heart of Nicoll’s new collection. Brooding over a contemporary equivalent of the fairy who doesn’t age, he came up with Kate Moss, and the collection unfolded from there as a sort of rummage in Kate’s closet, from sporty short shorts to languid bias-cut evening dresses.
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Luz de mi vida, fuego de mis entrañas.

William Mortensen
Legs in stockings with flowers 1928 

Fetish wear c. 1945
Foto al espejo num. 1500.
Getting inspiration.

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Me encanta que mi trabajo me lleve a lugares increíbles.

Madam Satan makes an entrance.
Minimalismo por fuera y barroquismo por dentro.


The illusion stocking (for thinner ankles). From Glamour Daze.

Fernand Khnopff - The Mask. 1901